2016 WSoP

It’s that time of the year again folks, the WSoP is coming up soon and it’s time to start buying and selling action before the good investments are all gone. I tripled my investors money in 2013 and in 2014 my investors made back more than eight times their initial investment. Two wise investors made over $100,000 each! I have a stellar reputation, I pay on time every time, and my return on investment is spectacular. I also gave each of my investors a little parting gift in 2014 that included an actual piece of the gold WSoP bracelet that I won. backers

Mark up this year is 1.25. I have seen players sell as high as 1.6, but I honestly don’t know if anyone is profitable at those inflated numbers and I think 1.25 is fair. If you want to learn more about backing, I actually made a forty minute video on it for Ivey League, Phil Ivey’s coaching site. You can see that video along with hundreds of others for $10 a month.

All you need to know to invest is that for every $100 of action you want to buy, you need to send me $125. That money doesn’t just go in my pocket, some of it covers the cost of travel, lodging, and other expenses on the trip.

The events I have selected for this year total around $40,000 . I don’t play with investors money unless I am feeling sharp and believe I am a favorite in the event, so if I’m short on sleep or not feeling great, I won’t play. This means that it is very likely that I will miss an event or two at some point and that money will be refunded. All events will be updated on twitter so you can sweat your investment.

The Basics

  • I’m selling a $40,0000 investment package for the World Series of Poker this summer.
  • With a 1.25 mark up, 1% of the $40,000 package comes to $500.
  • I can take money via check, cash, paypal, or bank transfer.
  • Contact me with questions or to invest – twitter: @foxpokerfox or email: blindstraddle@gmail.com
  • Check out my bio page for more info about why I am a good investment – Fox’s Bio

I will be closing action in the next 24 hours. I will determine the exact number once investment is closed. My schedule will look very close to what is below and will published within a day or two of action closing.


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